KIITEE Entrance Examination Procedure


Rules and regulation

The students have to take a computer-based online test at a workstation, and they have to be present at the test center 45 minutes before the examination.

The proctor will announce and commencement the completion of the examination. The students have to leave their seats on hearing the announcement of the completion.

The students must show a valid admit card for admission into the examination hall. Any student without a good acknowledge-card will not be permitted to enter the examination hall in any situation.

Seating rules

There will be a seat indicating an application number which will be given to each student. Note that each student will have a unique application number. Students have to find out their seats and then occupy their allotted position for the examination. If any student is found in a different hall or center independently without any notification by the examiner, their application would be cancelled without any second chances.

Without the center superintendent or proctor's permission, they can leave their seat or leave the examination hall until the completion of the examination.

Things allowed in the examination hall

Students will not be allowed to carry any textual material, calculator, slide rule, log table, electronics watch, printed or written materials, papers, mobile phone, pager, or any other device except for the admit card and pen and pencil inside the examination cell.

Students will be provided with water and rough paper on which they can do their rough work. And by the end of the exam, those rough sheets will be taken back.

Ending note


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