Top 5 Fashion Trends For 2021 According To Ankara Style Experts

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Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, 2021 is expected to a big year for fashion. People will spend billions of dollars this year on fashion. Many new trends are expected to hit the fashion scenes. Some classics will continue trending. As it is commonly said, some things never go out of style.

Many countries including the United States, UK, Germany, and France have started easing lockdown measures because of the success of vaccine initiatives. Therefore, people will hit the streets in their favorite fashion. Parties will be the order of the day, and as expected, people will dress to kill. Those who will choose to stay home will also desire to be as fashionable as possible.

What is The Fashion for 2021?

This is a question in the minds of many fashion fanatics. People are searching for answers everywhere. The keyword 2021 fashion is trending on search engines.

The Maxi Dress

Who said the maxi dress had gone out of style? This will always remain a classic for women of all ages. It is perfect for all informal occasions.

In 2021, women should consider matching the maxi dress differently. A mesh turtleneck will come in handy. Another option is to style them over pants.

At Ankara Fashion, there is a diverse collection of maxi dresses. A woman will be spoilt for choice. There are different colors and sizes.

Black and White

This color trend is not new in the world of fashion. However, it is making a comeback in 2021. White and black are neutral colors. Therefore, they can easily be matched with any outfit.

Black and white is a reliable combo. It is something that can be counted on. For the discerning fashion fanatic, there is room to experiment with this combo. To take this style to the next level, fanatics should consider playing around with statement earrings and belts.

Oversized Pants

Everyone is talking about body shaper pants. These were a big thing in 2020. In 2021, there is the need to do things differently. Women should consider oversized pants. These are a classic that will never go out of style.

Ankara Fashion House is doing oversized pants differently. They are adding a fresh spin to this unique fashion item.


This is already a big trend with celebrities. Most of them are wearing them under their blazers or cardigans. 2021 is the best time to give them a try.


The fashion scene of the 21st century has been defined by sweatpants. They have especially become very popular during the coronavirus. This is the stuff for those who plan to stay at home. They are also perfect for the outdoors. They can be matched with sunglasses and a blazer.

About Ankara Fashion

Ankara Fashion is the ultimate destination for the best women’s fashion. They cater to the style needs of the modern woman.

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