5 websites you can use to fake Facebook posts

You can make fake Facebook posts and status updates with the help of the free websites listed below. These sites allow you to select everything from the uploaded picture, user name, number likes to the publication date, and time.

I even included sites above that allow you to make a fake Facebook wall by featuring several different fake Facebook activities, such as fake relationship updates, fake Facebook events, etc.

fake Facebook post

Five websites for making fake Facebook posts for free

Galau. me

The Galau website can be used to create fake Facebook posts. As shown in the screenshot above, it is an easy-to-use interface for generating fake Facebook posts.

It lets you decide which parameters you want to build the fake Facebook post from, such as your name, status message or even the number of fake Facebook likes on your post. You can even add fake Facebook comments so your post looks more realistic and prank your friends.

The best part is that it lets you create fake Facebook posts in different languages. Once you have created one, you can download and share it on various social media platforms, including Google Plus and Twitter.

This program supports many languages including Arabic, English, Greek, Polski, Portuguese, Spanish, Deutsch, and Turkish. Besides, you can get a fake Facebook photo and a fake Facebook chat through it.

Get started by visiting the link provided above to generate fake Facebook status updates. After you have visited the link, you will see a window with a Live Preview and a panel where you can describe your fake Facebook status.

You can choose to post fake content on Facebook using Galau

After that, upload your profile picture and specify the name of the person who wrote the fake Facebook status. Once done, you will have generated the fake Facebook status post.

Then, enter your friend's name in the Name field. You can also add a photo to the status as a fake Facebook photo post. Click on the Select Image button to upload an image. The other fields allow you to specify the total number of fake likes, shares, etc.

By switching to the Add comments tab, you can add some fake comments that will make the fake post more interesting.

After that, don't forget to add the details of the fake Facebook comment, such as the commenter's name, the comment's number of likes, and the time it was posted. Finally, hit the Add Comment button to add the fake comment.

You can download the fake Facebook post as an image once you've finished playing with the post and comments settings. Click on the Download Facebook Post as Image button beneath the Live Preview section. It will then generate the fake Facebook post image for you to download.

Clone Status:

Status Clone is another free website that allows you to create fake Facebook posts. As you can see in the screenshot, you can also use it for perfect Facebook posts simulation. The only downfall of this website is that it cannot be used to create fake Facebook photos.

Fake Facebook Status Preview

Facebook Status Clone makes it easy to make fake status updates

You need to specify the details of the fake Facebook status post like the name, the profile picture, etc. You can get as many likes as you want on the post by specifying the number of likes in the Likers field, as shown in the screenshot above.

Click on the + Add Comments button to bring forth the fields to specify the fake Facebook comment details. After specifying fake Facebook status details, add some comments to it.

You can now enter the commenter’s name, profile picture, date/time and several “likes” and the fake Facebook post is automatically updated to include the new comments. After you have finished adding comments, you can download the image or share it via “Share Image and Save” button.


Simulator creates fake Facebook posts

Like the other websites included in this article, the Simulator tool lets you create fake Facebook status posts that include a status message, a certain number of likes on the post, the date and time of the post, etc.

The fake Facebook status can be made more fun by adding fake Facebook comments. You can specify the commenter's name and profile picture, the number of likes on the comment, and most importantly, the time and date when the comment was posted.

Using this website you can make fake Facebook comments and posts. The website also shows live fake Facebook status posts to show you how the fake posts exactly look like while they are being generated.

The screenshot below shows the Post settings section on its main interface. To add comments, you will have to switch to the “Add Comments” tab in the Post settings section.

Fake FB post options from Simitator

When you're finished, you can download the Facebook status as a JPG image by selecting the "Download Facebook Post as JPG image".

Prank Me Not:

fake a Facebook post for me, do not prank me

Another great website to fake Facebook posts is Prank Me Not. You can also make fake Facebook photos with it. This site has a lot in common with the first website in my list.


If you wish to make fake and funny Facebook posts using this free website, you may visit the link provided above. With the website, you will be able to enter the fake Post settings like the post’s author name, profile picture, number of likes, etc.

Specify the name of the commenter, their profile picture, their number of likes, etc. on the comment. Lastly, click on the Download Facebook Post button on its main interface to download the fake post as an image.

The Wall Machine:

The Wall Machine is another website you can use to create fake Facebook posts. The site allows you to create a fake status by editing an image with its editing interface. This is different from the other websites on my list which do not require you to login for creating a fake Facebook post.

Besides fake Facebook posts, you can create a fake Facebook wall for free. You can add fake Facebook relationships, fake Facebook events, fake Facebook likes, fake Facebook photo posts, etc. It's really easy to edit the fake Facebook posts and the editing is quite simple.

The Wall Machine lets you make fake Facebook posts and create a fake Facebook wall. But, it doesn’t allow you to save or download the fake Facebook posts. Your created fake Facebook posts are saved on this website. You can share a fake Facebook post URL generated by The Wall Machine.

If you want to create a fake Facebook post, you can use the link above to get started. After connecting your Facebook account, it will open a fake Facebook post image that you can edit by pressing the left-click of your mouse.

Add fake statuses, fake likes, and relationship statuses, for instance, to create a false Facebook wall. Use the settings to reorder these events in your timeline.

Once you have finished with the Wall Machine, click the SAVE button to save your fake Facebook post and to generate a fake Facebook post URL.


5 free websites to create fake Facebook posts

Consequently, if you want to play some pranks on your friends then try creating some fake FB posts from any of the websites mentioned in this article. After that, you can share it with your friends and see their reactions.

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