Best Electric Chainsaws - Eliminates the Work From Excessive Hand Work

The top three in our poll of top chainsaws for 2011 is an electric chainsaw by Greenworks Pro. Runner up for best overall Chainsaw: Greenworks Pro 90V Chain Saw. Best Overall Electric Chainsaws - Greenworks Pro

Egon batteries have long been a good source of high quality, reliable cutting electric chainsaws and other cutting equipment. However, with battery technology is changing almost as often as the models themselves, older models are finding their way to end-of-life status. Fortunately, electric chainsaws with extended battery lives are now much more common, allowing owners to still keep their old models, but use those extra batteries to do more than cut down trees. Extended battery life prolongs both the life of the equipment itself, as well as the usefulness of its "extended range" abilities.

No other saws this year surpasses the Egon line for cutting portability, both when it's in use and stored away. Most other saws are large and bulky, making them too uncomfortable to use outside. Portability makes electric chainsaws the best choice for taking to the woods or to business. All Egon models come standard with automatic safety features that protect the operator and other passengers from hazardous exposure to compressed air and flames.

We found that most electric chainsaws are not heavy enough to pull hard twigs out of the ground, and even then most users would probably be able to do that with the chainsaw properly set up. A lightweight chainsaw like the Egon lithium ion series by Greenworks Pro would be the perfect choice for someone who just wants to make quick work of pruning. The lightweight construction of the Egon makes it easy to handle and the cordless battery-powered chainsaws make it a convenient option for those who need to go from work to the woods quickly. For home users, the cordless battery-powered chainsaws are perfect for trimming bushes and small trees without having to lug a heavy chainsaw around with you.

Best of Power Tool

If you are looking for the best electric chainsaw for your needs, consider the Sanyo brand. They offer a number of models ranging from the basic single-bladed chain saw to the 18-inch cordless chainsaw. Prices range from around $700 for the single-blade chainsaw to several hundred dollars for the more powerful dual or even triple blade saws. For less money, you get many more options for maintenance and use and you get value for money.

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