How To Recover Facebook Account

A detailed guide on how one can recover a Facebook account password

In today's time, social media services like Facebook have become the most common apps that users access regularly to stay updated with the ongoing events or reach out to the people located at far-off places.

Facebook account recovery

Steps to recover Facebook account instantly 

For the users who are failing to access their Facebook account, here are the quick steps that one can follow to reset their account password and reaccess their account without any interruption. 

For the recovery process, the user needs to visit the login page of Facebook.

Further, the user needs to click on the Forgot password link.

After that, the user will be directed to the recovery page. 

Here, the user needs to mention the phone or email id used to access the Facebook account. 

Then, the account of the user will be verified and they will be offered the recovery options. 

A) Recovery via email and phone 

The users who have linked a recovery email or phone number with their account can perform Facebook account recovery by requesting a code on any of the options. 

For this process, the user needs to mention the recovery email or phone number.

Further, the user can request the code on the same.

And then, the user can mention the code and verify the Facebook account to create a new password. 

B) Google account

Besides, for the users who have linked their Google account with Facebook account, they can simply request for the password reset link on their account and access the same to create a new password for their Facebook account. 

C) Trusted contacts

Lastly, the user can opt for the trusted contacts service to perform  Facebook account recovery. In this particular case, the code will be provided to the trusted contacts that they need to mention at the time of verification to create a new password.

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