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James Crump25 January 2019 15:321548430801Republican and Democratic leaders searched for a way to halt the 35-day partial government shutdown on Friday, but remained at odds over President Donald Trump's demand that any compromise include money for his coveted border wall. Olkhon Island, Baikal’s largest, and a place that Buddhists consider one of the holiest in Asia, is a popular base for excursions year round, even from December to April or May, when the surface freezes into turquoise sheets of ice that Siberian winds churn into natural sculptures. Talks are continuing over the introduction of border controls by the end of this year. When I talked to the Eurostar's chief executive, Nicolas Petrovic, he implied the train operator is poised to transform travel between London and Amsterdam, saying: “We are back to the pioneering days of 1994, when we first served Paris. Among the modernising reforms are better official exchange rates and the ability to book flights and apply for visas online

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