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“There were other female koalas nearby, so I guess this is his way of letting them know that he was indeed ready. Read our privacy noticeThanks for signing up to Simon Calder’s Travel emailLe Trappiste offers a medieval setting and monk-brewed beer (Facebook)An aperitifSome of Belgium’s best beer is brewed by the cloistered monks of the Trappist order. ”“The times are very scary right now, and we are in a crucial moment, but if you want to approach it from the positive side, all this is creating a movement. The home secretary also said: “That’s looking to the future in terms of how things may change. Dogs, cats or ferrets being flown into the UK require a pet passport and must be microchipped and vaccinated against rabies

“You would need both types of IDP if you are visiting EU countries covered by different conventions, for example France and Spain,” says the government. netHong Kong, ChinaThe breathtaking Hong Kong skyline is worth a trip aloneOn the way to? East Asia or Australasia with Cathay PacificDo: Get active, taking ferries out to Hong Kong’s massively underrated islands. It appears that some drone users deliberately target busy airports, in a bid to get dramatic images of aircraft. Bureau of Land Management National monuments reviewed by Donald TrumpRio Grande del Norte The Rio Grande del Norte National Monument is made up of rugged plains that are 7,000 above sea level which spread across 242,500 acres of land. How dysfunctional? An official in the US Embassy in Rome put it crisply in a blistering diplomatic cable sent in 2008 and later revealed on Wikileaks: “The Alitalia saga is a sad reminder of how things work in Italy

British Prime Minister Theresa May was forced to pull out of a deal with Brussels after the DUP said it would not accept terms which see Northern Ireland treated differently from the rest of the UKGettyBrexit so far: in picturesMay suffers defeat over EU (Withdrawal) BillTheresa May suffers defeat in parliament over EU (Withdrawal) Bill on 13 December 2017. StanstedGetty ImagesThe most delayed UK airports in pictures9. We informed the host on board that if he and the guests on the coach opted for the Tunnel, they would have to wait until the Channel Tunnel booking office opened at 10am French time and we would not be sure of the next available slot until then (but we would book this if the group preferred). Noailles is brimming with shops (don’t miss Épicerie I’ldeal, the best new food store), cafes and restaurants. RecommendedMeet your new travel Instagram heroI wasn’t sold on the term “museum”, either

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