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”FREE WEEKLY NEWSLETTERSimon Calder’s exclusive money-saving travel emailSimon Calder’s free travel tips email. St Pancras“There can only be one best, especially when you regard inside and out,” said Twitter user John-O-Goring, endorsed by James Farrar. Beer lovers who want to learn (and taste) more can time their visit to coincide with the October Norsk Kornolfestival, which features close to 100 beers made with kveik, often including juniper and other traditional regional ingredients. Read our privacy noticeThanks for signing up to Simon Calder’s Travel emailTerminal 1 opened in 1968 as the home of British European Airways, which merged with BOAC in 1973 to form British Airways. Its beaches border sparkling blue waters, its seaside towns for the most part exude an atmosphere of old-world ritziness

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