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The Transport Secretary said: “We tried to do too much electrification in one go. Seats are smaller too, with the average width of an airline seat shrinking from 45 centimetres to 41 centimetres inches. * Brava is an elusive, tiny, mountainous island, with a quiet and pretty capital embedded in its peaks and some stunning walks down to the sea. South Western Railway says it is running slightly over half of its normal timetable – but on some less busy routes, trains are being replaced by buses. All passengers and crew were reported to have been safely evacuated from the aircraft and there were no injuries

As well as giving “Mx” as a title option, the airline is also offering various choices of nomenclature, with U (undisclosed) or X (unspecified) available in addition to M (male) and F (female). Nora WalshGetty/iStockTravel destinations: 52 places to go in 2019Puglia, Italy: Baroque architecture and Adriatic beaches in Italy’s heelThe ancient fortified farmhouses called masserie, found only in the region of Puglia, are increasingly being turned into boutique hotels, most notably Rocco Forte’s Masseria Torre Maizza, and the 17th century Castello di Ugento, where guests can take cooking classes at the Puglia Culinary Centre. To get there, visitors used to have to catch a charter flight from Tel Aviv or brave the dusty drive through the Negev desert. 6 million passengers fly in and out of US airports every day – 959 million a year – the odds of being injured by turbulence are pretty low. But Christa Grover, who lives in Grove Park in southeast London, said: “My train is late every day, three to four minutes going home

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