Cup of Genetically Modified Coffee?

Now, many of us here will admit that we can't start our day without a good cup of coffee. To many of those coffee fans, there is some depressing news. The climate change is no longer a problem only for the scientists but for all the coffee producers. A fungus commonly known as rust is becoming more and more widespread due to the climate variation. Rust is a parasitic fungi that affects healthy leaves by blanketing the leaves from getting enough sunlight. No sun, no photosynthesis, and thus no food for these coffee trees. How can we combat fungi? The first idea that comes to our mind is to use fungicide. Previous efforts, however, seemed to have little success because these pests could mutate like the common cold virus. Every time a fungicide is made, the fungus mutates and the mutant that can withstand the fungicide is 'naturally selected' and reproduced. Then what's the alternative? Researchers of Texas A&M University came up with the idea that genetically modified coffee seeds could be a solution to this coffee crisis. Their goal is to produce a coffee tree that can withstand the parasite attacks. Resource:

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