Quick Guide to Getting Rid of Your Old Car

The pandemic has put us in a state of limited movement. With the restrictions all around for our safety, even our cars are resting silently in the garage. What about the old vehicles we were using as spares just in case we needed them? We don't even get to use the new one, let alone lend the spare car to anyone. Repairs and maintenance is an issue unless we decide to sell one of the vehicles. It's time to take action!

Cash for Cars

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2. Alternatively, if you are feeling generous, you may donate the car to a non-profit organisation. This means that you have to ensure that the vehicle is still in decent condition before presenting. The car may have to be serviced just before giving it away, which may cost you. However, you may qualify for a tax deduction while filing for taxes from your car donation.

3. If you don't already have a new car, you could trade in the old one for a new automobile. However, the bargain may not favour your sale price expectations.

4. On the other hand, you could personally find a buyer, either online, or through a newspaper ad. Maybe a friend was looking to buy a used car.

5. Do you have a teenage daughter, son, niece or nephew? If they are interested in owning a vehicle, their best option would be a used car.

Cash for Cars

About Us:

Anytime Cash for Cars is a licensed trader and wrecker company in Sydney, Australia. They specialise in buying scrap, unwanted, junk, and old cars. Their services include car removal, scrapping, wrecking, recycling, and disposing.

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Name: Yasin Azimi

Phone: 0403 191 732

Email: enquiry@anytimecashforcars.com.au


Anytime Cash for Cars is your preferred cash for car and car removal company.
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