Imagine yourself in a dark room with lit aromatic fragrances and warm air making the atmosphere seductive. Then you hear the sound of the clicking of heels or high-heeled latex boots. Was that good enough to make you hard? If so you have come to the right place.

best chastity cage

Spiked chastity cage

If your dominant partner is in awe of medieval style, we have a spiked chastity cage for that Iron Maiden feel. The "Iron maiden" chastity device is an advanced version of the classic Kali's Teeth Bracelet chastity device which effectively prevents an erection.

Whether you are a 6 inch or a 3 inch, we believe that all cocks deserved to be punished for pursuing selfish deeds. All sizes are capable of getting aroused with sexual and sensual thoughts, therefore all sizes deserve to be locked up in our best chastity cage for those reasons alone.

Our spiked chastity cage can be worn comfortably while the penis is flaccid, be cautious as the spikes might bite when getting aroused but the spikes being blunt will not cause any injury and are safe to wear with a removable 9mm penis plug with a pee hole.


Some of the new features of our 5th generation Iron maiden best chastity cage include a slot for accommodating penis piercing especially Prince Albert piercing. The spiked chastity cage is 9mm thicker and lockable, which can be removed only with a key by your master or mistress on demand. The locking ring is made of rods instead of sheet metal to give you a desirous experience.

Our best chastity cage is a unique vicious tool, guaranteed to keep you orgasm-free for the longest confirmed period of four weeks. You can choose the diameter of the locking and additional ring as per your preference or on how your mistress or master would love to test you.

Our spiked chastity cage is very easy to clean. Just lather with soap and rinse with warm water. Pat dry it with a soft towel or air dry using a hairdryer with the lowest setting on.


All our products are shipped and delivered to your doorstep in discreet packaging. No one will ever get to know what’s inside the package. After all, not knowing is fun sometimes.

Best chastity cage, safe to wear with quality and comfort guaranteed

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