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Past is the best gift we can give to our present. It teaches us of glorious days and troublesome years. Nobody is going to come out alive but at least the learning would make it worth putting up a fight. I was talking about Louisiana’s past and how many cultures have come together to form this colorful tapestry we call Louisiana, to my cousin and ended up booking flights to this state. It was going to be my first trip with all of my paternal cousins. Now booking flights is a skill one needs to master if traveling is priority. How and when you book tickets matters more than for where you book tickets. Let me explain, with the invention of aircrafts a lot of people have become interested in traveling. You will find crowds in a foreign destination enjoying themselves but if ask them how much it cost them to book a plane ticket for the same day, you will be surprised how different would be the range. I have learned from my past experiences to always book in advance, not only do I get cheaper deals I also get the freedom to pick my own seat. This trick really is a life saver for long-haul flights. One more thing I have learned is to enter alternate airports in my search. All the major airports are usually hubs and are super jammed with tourists and fleets. Exiting from an alternative airport not only gives me more space to stretch but is easier on the pockets. With applying all of my pro-flight booking skills I booked 5 seats for Louisiana.

We landed at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport (MSY) which happens to be the largest international airport in Louisiana. From there we book a shuttle to our hotel, Best western Inn at Coushatta. The inn was a cozy place and had old-times vibe to it. After checking- in to our respective rooms and unpacking for a while, all of us met downstairs for a light lunch since we all had plans to try the authentic dishes at GW Fins.

My cousins and I were on same wavelength that day since we all wanted to see The National WWII Museum first. It was a long drive to the museum but the excitement never left our faces. Being a history buff the museum and its collection of artifacts brought me immense joy. I realized through-out my trip that Louisiana carefully harbors Native American culture and has tints of several other countries blended together yet standing out. For example, the spices used in the dishes have Spanish flavors. We also visited R.W. Norton’s Art Gallery. Its surreal how art brings people together. We are separated by so many things but when we look at an art work hanging on the wall, we all come together to appreciate it.

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