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It is often termed that the value of optimized content is much more effective for your business than non-optimized content. If you are creating content simply to publish it, the chances are that it will get elapsed somewhere on the web, never to be seen again. That is not what you want as a business or brand.

I'm sure you have heard of the saying, long-term consistency is better than short-term intensity. While this is true, if you don't intentionally create that content for your target audience, it will be useless despite how long you do it.

First, you have to know what kind of content is popular among your target audience so let's look at the different types of content;





content workflow

Depending on the content you want to publish, the content development workflow lists all the tasks you and your team need to create and publish.

So how do you create a content development workflow?

Identify the key roles

Start internally by identifying teams that are involved in a particular business, department or in the content development process. Note that different types of content will require people with skill sets. For example, if you are creating video content, you will need an editor. If you want to create images and other visual elements, you will need a graphic designer.

Here's a tip for you, make a list of the roles rather than naming actual people so you can identify any gaps.

Outline the tasks

Assigning the tasks should be easy for you if you already have a team of content developers. It's a matter of matching the tasks to the relevant roles. During this process, it's also easy to recognize any overlaps and ensure that every job is being distributed to the right person.

You might also realize the need for outsourcing some of the work to freelancers. If you decide to outsource, ensure that all the tasks are outlined in details. For example, if you are going to outsource writers, ensure you provide guidance on the company's tone of voice, supporting material, image requirements, and other important things.

Prioritize and set task deadlines

This process mainly depends on your client's needs and how long it takes for the person who is assigned to do the task. For example, ensure if your social media video needs to be edited and subtitled? Check on the deadline given by the client to submit the final video, and can your editor deliver it within that time?

Note that different content types have different development processes, so figure out which one needs to be done first. Prioritizing tasks and setting dates will ensure that workflow is organized and delivered on time.

Finally, ensure that you also schedule the approval and publishing processes. These are more sub-processes but should be taken seriously. Either way, they are essential because they will help whoever is in charge of the content creation process to ensure that everything is on track.

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