Do Good Fences Really Make Good Neighbours?

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There is a misinterpretation that implies fences are good to keep the privacy, dignity, and love intact between the neighbours for years. Not only the fences act as a separator between the neighbours but also it helps in preventing the interference of each other in every matter. Literally mutual respect and humanity between neighbours makes good relationships. Walls divide compassion brotherhood and mankind. Barriers always separate each other. Nations fought wars for expand land borders. The necessity of such boundaries must be questioned.


’Green walls makes good neighbours’’.

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Started in 2004, Lord Krishna Builders is one of the top apartment and villa builders in Thrissur. We have successfully completed many Apartment complexes, commercial buildings in Kochi, Nedumbassery, Guruvayur, Palghat and Thriruvanamthapuram. We have been meticulously careful about each part of our flats and commercial buildings. So that our customers get maximum satisfaction for their money. We always keep in mind the requirement of buyers when we plan, design and execute any building of ours.

In Lord Krishna – Church Gate villa project we have tied our level best to follow the guidelines of the World Green Building Council in each and every stage of the project. From levelling to design and construction of the various villas and recreation buildings as well as in the landscaping around. There will be a lot of greenery in the walkway with plenty of lawns and green friendly plants.

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