Best Small Wood Stoves


No longer restricted to wood fires, the small wood stove is a clean, safe, inexpensive and sensible option for heating your home this winter, said Ontario Power Generation.

Small Wood Stoves

All OPG customers can qualify for the province-wide program that helps homeowners turn their existing woodstoves into clean-burning small woodstoves.

According to the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, the small wood stove (which can be as large as 200 liters or as small as 60 liters) can also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Breckwell Blazer SP24I


The insert has natural color making it easy to fit well in most homes.

One can install it easily in the modern fireplace.

It offers an excellent heating range.

The size of the hopper is unique, and the insert comes with several finish options.


The product is small but expensive.

It has a narrow bin entrance.

Timberwolf Economizer Pellet Insert


It has a small design due to which it can get fit in most of the fireplaces.

It can provide constant and steady heat, as well as easy to install.

It has a stylish look and can fit most of the home design.

It has a super value with a digital system adaptable.


It is not as fuel-efficient as compared to other

Pleasant Hearth 35000 BTU’s Pellet Stove


Due to the USA-made construction, it gives complete peace of mind.

It has an air wash system for ensuring clean air.

It can fit in any space due to its compact design.

It is highly useful to keep the area cozy while reducing heating bills and carbon footprint.


There is a need to clean the Ash pots often as it is small and fills up quickly.

As compared to other models, the output fan is slightly louder.


Today we wanted to see how small wood stoves had changed in size over the past decade and the results are very interesting. So far from what we have found, we are amazed that the average home with a wood-burning stove still uses around 10,000 kWh of electricity in a year. Most importantly, that energy is not from the system (rural, grid, oil, gas, or coal).

Also, these wood stoves burn biomass so the impact on the environment is reduced. Some of the types of wood are even said to be a big help in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

All of these factors still make a lot of the public really worried about the environmental impact of using the wood-burning stove as a heating appliance. But when they consider the alternatives, the firewood requires, and the money to use the stove, a wood-burning stove seems to be an excellent choice!

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