NBA 2K21 most up-to-date season player rating modifications data and remarks

game consoles, most will on PES and FIFA football . , in basketball , NBA, the NBA 2K game is the king

With graphics, real-looking gesture , , licensed NBA. you the of high-definition graphics. improvement in , the damp. Sweat the chaos and of NBA . see the minor on any stage. The close-up O'Neill trailer looked to his left and opened. He was sweating profusely. Tim Duncan, Dwayne Wade, and LeBron James all sweated similarly seconds, and their shots . his are hidden behind the mask, Rip Hamilton dripping.

NBA 2K can hold about , , and player . Similarly, be adjusted the and of basketball . NBA 2K its series in 2021, namely NBA 2K21. So, the highest-scoring basketball player NBA?

. LeBron James the NBA basketball player highest score NBA 2K21 game, score of 97

. Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant scored 96 NBA 2K21 game

. Stephen Curry, the champion 2021 3-point game, also scored 96 NBA 2K21 MT game

. The fourth is Giannis Antetokounmpo Milwaukee Bucks from Greece, who scored 96

. , Kawhi Leonard also scored 96 NBA 2K21 game.

, there whose scores have risen, and there whose scores have fallen. This progress season. These listed have all sunk bottom glory, and player are . is

Gerald Wallace-7

Gerald Wallace and NBA , was All-Star Game in 2010. , , his was

traded New Jersey Nets, Crash to of his deteriorating . supporter Deron Williams and Brook Lopez, Wallace suffered injuries team's season. When he was an defensive player, his offense disappeared, averaging only . per and shooting 39.7%. This led to a drop in his 2K score, from 81 in NBA 2K13 to 74 in 2K14.

Chris Bosh-7

LeBron James and Chris Bosh joined Dwyane Wade Miami Heat, the NBA in 2011. , the failure to win the championship, the season ended disappointing . Chris Bosh of that , partly it.

the Toronto Raptors, Bosh finish third for James and Wade. He averaged 18. per game, but far his 24.0 per game season. , 2K that to his rating from 87 in NBA 2K11 to 80 in 2K12.

Ty Lawson-8

Ty Lawson unforgettable and in his era who make the All-Star . not talked about his influence is so and meteoric.

fruitful seasons Denver Nuggets, Lawson was traded Houston Rockets in 2015 and was second-level ball-handling player superstar James Harden. , he came to meeting these expectations. taking on end, he took the bench early this and even season Rockets. He minimized off. What was disappointing was his 2K score, which dropped from 81 in 2K16 to 73 in 2K17.

Kyle Kuzma-8

touted steal 2017 NBA Draft, Kyle Kuzma, and Lonzo Ball, Julius Randle, and Brandon Ingram are Lakers' core. Then, Kings himself, LeBron James, a Lakers teammate,

When he had season LeBron, the Lakers a and traded Lakers' core for superstar Anthony Davis. only left, Kuzma meet his offensive . , his game time , and he can his scoring record. This led to a sharp drop in ratings, from 84 in 2K20 to 76 in 2K21.

Joakim Noah -8

Joakim Noah was centers league. , been former defensive player to his All-Star 2K rating then.

for Pau Gasol, his time is the of All-Star center. , 35. minutes , he played only —six minutes per game. injuries, he played only 67 82 . His dropped board, a decline in 2K scores, from 87 in 2K15 to 79 in 2K16.

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