Four Factors You Must Consider Before Buying Healthy Dog Food

Did you just get a pet dog for your family? If so, you have made the best decision for your family especially if you have kids. They will certainly learn the meaning of unconditional love and compassion. Dogs are the purest creatures in this world who would bring you a lot of joy and happiness.

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You can certainly consult the veterinarian to get an idea of what kind of nutrients would be good for your dog. And then buy the best brand on the market. Now, we know that there are several options of dog food on the market that claim to provide all the nutrients.

But you must be careful! Consider the following factors before you choose dog food for your furry friend.

Breed of dog

Yes, you might not realize this, but the breed of your dog will certainly determine the nutritional requirements and type of food. There are certain breeds of dogs that have an active lifestyle such as a Border Collie. A dog with an active lifestyle will need a dog food that can provide more calories for more energy.

On the other hand, certain dog breeds don’t have a hyperactive lifestyle such as the Bulldog. In such a case, giving dog food that has more calories is not beneficial, instead, choose a dog food that is according to the lifestyle of the breed.

Size of the dog

When you are looking for a healthy dog food, make sure to consider the size of your dog. There are small breed dogs and large breed dogs. Based on their size, the nutritional requirements can be determined.

For example, larger breed dogs need to have foods that can help them reduce the risks posed to their health because of their big size. Whereassmall size breed dogs will need a dog food that is high in calories as they are quite active and have high metabolic rates.

Food sensitivity and allergies

Yes, just like us, dogs also have food sensitivity and allergies. And you must be aware of the possible sensitivity and allergy.

How can you determine if your dog is not sensitive or allergic to dog food? The answer is simple. Keep an eye on your dog. If you find that your dog has a fuller and shinier coat and skin, adequate activity, firm, and brown stools, and is in perfect health, your dog is not sensitive to the current food.

But if your dog is sensitive to any of the food ingredients, you will notice it in the form of itching, diarrhoea, and skin issues. In such a case, make sure to consult the veterinarian.

If your dog is hyperallergic to any food ingredients, s/he can experience anaphylactic shock. In such a case, take your dog to emergency care immediately. Also, talk to your veterinarian to find dog food options that are healthy and don’t cause sensitivities and allergies.

Personal preferences

The choice of dog food also depends on the personal choice and preference of the dog owner. Some dog owners think wet food is better than dry food. But make sure to consider the preferences of dogs too.

For example, if you have an old dog who has lost his teeth, giving wet food will be beneficial. Whereas if you have a cute puppy dog or younger dog, giving dry food would be better as it would help them sharpen their teeth.

So, as you can see, when you are looking for dog food there are few factors to consider. And if you have recently become a dog owner, make sure to keep these factors in mind. Also, always make sure to consult the veterinarian.

If you have already been looking for high-quality dog food, you can check out our range of dog food products. We are Beco, a leading company that manufactures sustainable dog food that is made of organic and fresh ingredients keeping your dog’s health in mind.

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