Parasites And Skin Infections Could Be Behind Your Dog’s Persistent Itching

That specific section that is between your dog’s toes can be a hotbed for bacteria. This is because the area is damp, which is ideal for bacteria to prosper in the first place, and when your dog licks this area, the moisture further fuels the possibility of infection. Minor pain or itch might cause your dog to lick, quickly resulting in infections of the skin if this licking habit is not stopped the soonest.

The situation is not made any easier even though skin infections are normally a secondary reason why a dog would lick his paws. If the licking gets more frequent, has serious irritation or redness, and has some sort of scent emanating from the animal’s paw, then your pet will need to see the veterinarian.

Because itchy paws would be the primary reason why your dog excessively licks his paws, it is possible that fleas or mange could be what is behind this. Fleas or other parasites have been known to bring about discomfort in dogs, frequently making them find respite from the incessant itching through licking their paws. Fleas can reside in any part of the dog’s body, including between your pet’s toes. And with that, your dog that is infested with parasitic fleas will frequently chew and lick at his paws for relief.

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