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Smart proxy is a type of internet server that enables users in various countries to bypass limitations imposed by their ISP. Bypassing restrictions comes with a price, of course, and that price is reduced speed on the part of the user. Because of this, a certain percentage of Internet users who use proxy servers end up slowing down their computers so much that it becomes unusable or even slow down the normal browsing activities. A Smart proxy server will make sure that the user's computer remains fast enough to keep pace with the ever increasing popularity of the World Wide Web. Smart proxy works by intercepting web requests made by websites and using an advanced algorithm to evaluate the request before determining whether or not it should pass through or be denied.

With this technology, a web server will only permit certain types of web sites to be accessed while discerning others from being passed. For example, some social networking websites may only allow access from a certain IP address or region. There are also other websites that only allow access from a certain computer. Through the use of Smart proxy, a user's computer performance can be greatly improved, allowing him or her to surf the Internet more effectively.

Aside from filtering web traffic, Smart proxy servers are also used for monitoring computer activity by software such as keyloggers and web-based email programs. Such programs work by capturing the details of every web request made by the computer and the IP address of that computer. With this information, keyloggers can steal financial and personal information from the infected computer, including passwords and usernames.

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However, there are some drawbacks to Smart proxy. First, the proxy server monitors the information provided to and from the internet. This may result in the invasion of one's privacy, if this is not done responsibly. Second, the software that operates the Smart proxy server is often attached to security suites and Antivirus software. If these tools detect that Smart proxy is being used, they may cause unnecessary disruptions to the normal operation of the PC. Some viruses can disable Smart proxy servers.

Smart proxy can be used as a tool to protect one's computer. It works by reducing the possibility of hacking. However, users should be aware that it can also be used unethically. Advertisers can use it to monitor the browsing habits of users to sell the advertisement space on the user's computer. It can also be used to track the internet usage of employees.

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