Laugh Lines - Know How to Get Rid of Them


What are Laugh Lines?

Laugh lines are the vertical lines that run parallel from the ending of our nose to the mouth and sometimes extend up to the chin. Laugh lines are a common way our muscles lay impact on your facial expressions and are common in nature. There are two types of laughter lines, namely nasolabial fold and nasolabial crease. The nasolabial fold is the skin that hangs as the crease around our mouth while the nasolabial crease is the line between the upper lip and the cheek on our face. Both can display changes as we age depending also on lifestyle factors.

Nasolabial creases grow deeper with age, weight gain, and often dental problems. When the teeth don't support the overlying tissue, the skin results in creating deeper creases.

Nowadays, multiple treatments are available to reduce the appearance of these fine lines and creases to beautify our smile with great efficacy.

Static wrinkles, the wrinkles that are formed in the absence of facial movement can be treated with fillers by board-certified dermatologists and medical practitioners at VLCC.

lip filler

It is important to choose a recommended and trusted medical practitioner when opting to treat laughter lines

Medical practitioners at VLCC therefore begin by injecting small doses of fillers and gradually increase the number of doses depending upon individual requirements to keep your face looking smooth and natural. There exist different types of fillers that you can opt for on your consultation with a medical practitioner or dermatologist. Bellafil, Boletero, and Juvederm are some popular options available at your nearest VLCC center that can help you laugh uncontrollably without worrying about your facial lines. Lip fillers provide long-lasting results that can keep you smiling without a worry in the world for 6-18 months. Lip fillers not only diminish the appearance of your laughter lines but also contribute immensely to your skin by increasing collagen in the skin that plumps up the injected area helping in increasing volume around the mouth.

Lip fillers are becoming a popular option to lift the overall skin and make your face appear smoother and softer.

How much does it cost?

The cost of lip fillers depends on the kind of filler you are opting for and the brand of product you are choosing. Depending upon your requirement, you can choose a hyaluronic acid injection which can cost you around $652. You can also opt for various other skin resurfacing treatments, dermabrasion, and skin tightening treatments to contour your laughter lines.

A safe, non-invasive and effective cure to treat laughter lines, lip fillers and dermal fillers fully dissolve into your skin to create a dramatic impact by keeping you smiling radiantly.

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