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Ro water purifier available in 6 to 9 stages. We are No 1 importer in Pakistan to import Taiwan and Vietnam domestic ro water filters. Feel free to contact us by purchasing best ro water filter plant. Our drinking water filter system can be installed in kitchen and outdoor space. we have sales person and ro technician in all over Pakistan to repair our ro plants. pure water filter is only choice to be healthy, because health is wealth. Reverse osmosis technology is latest technology to filter hard water and salty water into pure clean water. We are top water filtration company.

Buy our top-quality ro plant and be safe. Hygienic ro water plant is most important for health, if you want to live a healthy life you must change your water and use our Ro Purifier plant. Water is becoming worst day by day due to untreated water wastage, that’s why we are working day and night with our dedicated team to purify water in polluted areas.

Alkaline PH is very important in water to maintain ph level in water. Alkaline ro plant is best for drinking. Reverse osmosis element purify water through latest technology of ro membrane. Ro membrane reduce maximum hardness from tap water. Ro technology process can purify sea water into drinking water. Do you know Why ro plant is important to for drinking ? because Reverse osmosis process is the only way to filter and purify water from boring water.

Ro plant reduce high level of TDS and Minerals and maintain water TDS level.100 gpd ro plant capacity is used for domestic use.150 gpd ro plant membrane is also available,200 gpd reverse osmosis drinking water plant used for semi commercial use ,400 gpd ro plant can pure water in large scale and 800 gpd ro plant is also available in 20 inch housing casing. Drink pure water for healthy life, Health is most important and for health benefits use reverse osmosis technology to purify water. Safe yourself from liver kidney and other harmful diseases and use ro water filtration plant for drinking purposes.

Water is very polluted in Pakistan all major cities and small town , we are not able to drink tap water because of arsenic and other harmful chemicals. Ground water and govt supply water have much polluted with virus and bacteria, we cannot drink it water without filtration. We collect water sample from different areas and cities to check water quality after testing we came to know that 90 percent water is not fit for drinking.

We use different filters cartridges for water filtration and purification. Poly propylene fiber filter cartridge use to reduce sand ,silt ,scale and dust rust from source water ,Coconut carbon water filter cartridge used to improve taste in water and reduce chlorine smell from water , Granular activated carbon water filter used for polishing and refine water. Reverse osmosis membrane reject high level of salts and convert water into normal minerals. Mineral cartridge use for balance minerals in water , Ultraviolet uv panel used in ro machine to kill germs , viruses and bacteria, Nano silver antibacterial element water filter cartridge used in ro plant to to stop bacteria. Ro machine works with boost pump.

Resin cartridge filter is good to reduce hardness in water. Our company has water softener plants and whole house water filtration plants. Contact us for commercial ro plant we manufacture and design commercial ro plant in different range.

Our commercial water filtration plants available in 1 ton to 10000 gpd. Domestic ro plant size Is 10 inch for home use. We deliver ro plant and reverse osmosis purification system to all over Pakistan through our reliable sales person. We provide best after-sale services. We believe in customer satisfaction. Most of our competitor just sale ro plant but not provides services,as for as our concern we treat our customers like a family and give them proper services.

Our customers believe and trust in our water filtration company. We have made in Taiwan ro plant and made in Vietnam ro plant. We import Taiwan ro plant by our direct shipping. We import Vietnam ro water filtration plant by our direct link with company. Contact us to buy domestic ro plant , ro purification plant and water filtration systems. eurotech Euro Tech is No 1 ro plant water filtration company in Pakistan.

Eurotech is registered brand in Pakistan

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