Tips for Marketing Nonprofit Organizations

marketing nonprofit organizations

If you need tips for marketing nonprofit organizations in ways that engage volunteers, encourage membership, attract funding and donations and create the right kind of awareness, start here.

Why Put Effort into NPO Marketing?

nonprofit growth strategies

Tip #1: Set Strategic Goals

Every part of running a successful organization involves planning and goal setting. It’s what keeps nonprofit growth strategies and marketing effectiveness. Therefore, it’s essential to know what every marketing campaign is meant to achieve. Are you trying to get donations, welcome new members, recruit volunteers, or promote an event? Setting a concrete goal lays the groundwork for how each campaign will be approached. By having a clear path to follow, a team can create the right message, speak to the right audience and achieve more fruitful outcomes.

Tip #2: Take Advantage of Appropriate Platforms

Like many for-profit businesses, NPOs have plenty of options when it comes to marketing media and platforms. Because NPOs may have a much smaller marketing budget, however, they may need to find some creative and inexpensive channels. Whichever avenue is chosen, it is wise to use a combination of platforms to broaden the reach of your campaign and create a good marketing mix. From social media platforms and SEO marketing to email drip campaigns and webinars, think of the best ways to reach the audience that is being targeted. At the same time, do not attempt to use every platform available to you. Each platform has a specific purpose, audience, and impact, so it may not be particularly effective for the goals you are trying to achieve. Rather, look for the platforms that best align with your marketing goals.

Tip #3: Make it Personal

Every NPO has a story to tell - and people want to hear it! Humanize your organization by including individual stories that demonstrate the impact it has made. Who have you helped? How have you changed lives and brought about social change? What are some of the most visible examples of your organization’s work and impact? With these stories as part of your marketing message, consumers are more likely to respond and relate to the organization. Dig deep for quotes from your members and volunteers, conduct interviews, share stories through blog posts, and overall engage your audience with personal and meaningful anecdotes.

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