We didn’t realise when sanitizers became a part of our lives.

alcohol based hand sanitizers in hospitals.

Earlier sanitizers were not a necessity but now they are, washing hands often is very very important in the covid era. Not just sanitizing hands, we should sanitize door knobs , car knobs , sofa and other furniture too if it comes in contact with other external people. It is really important to take care of everything and pay attention to every small detail. One mistake and everything will be shattered just like that. Sanitize sanitize and sanitize must be life’s only mantra from now on until covid leaves the world. Covid will leave the world only if we take care of ourselves and take necessary precautions.

Things are not good in hospitals. There are less beds and more and more patients. In that case it is very important to keep a huge stock of sanitizers to sanitize the wards from time to time in order to save themselves and the patients from the risk of infection. You never know, anybody can have the infection. It’s just that we need to be careful and maintain social distancing and not emotional distancing.

 alcohol in hand hand sanitizer.

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