The 5 common table tennis mistakes

The 5 common table tennis mistakes

5 common table tennis mistakes and how to fix them

The selection of moves and the taking of initiative

The number one mistake table tennis players make on a regular basis is choosing their shots. In training, the table tennis player is often used to knowing where the ball is going to come from on regular exercises.

exercises of uncertainty

Take his time

Many table tennis players want to play too fast or gain the point quickly and make mistakes in their positioning and movement. The players take too much risk and lose the trade.

To remedy this, you have to take your time. To try to win the point, you have to wait for the right ball and be well placed.

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Efficiency in table tennis

Table tennis is a high intensity sport, which does not give the table tennis player much time to react . It is therefore necessary to be efficient when the player makes his shots.

To have time to play the shots and not be surprised, it is not necessary to make overly broad gestures. You have to shorten your movement as much as possible in order to have time to prepare when the ball will come back.

use your body and legs to add intensity to your attacksFix Internet Connection Restriction Prevents Garmin Downloads IssueUpdate a TomTom GPSGarmin DriveSmart 55Garmin EchoMap updateMagellan Maestro 3100 UpdateAOL Mail Sign UPYahoo Mail not working on AndroidYahoo Mail not working on Chrome1and1 WebmailCancel ATT Uverse

know how to anticipate

Service and return of service

Many table tennis players practice their strokes and their play and neglect the serve and return of serve . Many mistakes are made because the serve is too long, too high or it does not have enough effect.

you have to traindifferent types of opponents

Be proactive

Fifth and last mistake table tennis players make: they rely on what they have learned .

get out of his comfort zone

To understand your mistakes and fix them, you have to analyze and understand what you can do well and what you do less well and adapt your training according to your strengths and weaknesses.

Analyze your game

First of all, you will need to analyze your game . If you are just starting out, it is advisable to choose a “beginner” racket and learn the different strokes in table tennis first and then develop your own game.

4 main styles of play 

The attack near the table,

The mid-distance attack,

The versatile game,


It is according to your style of play that you will build your racket and not the other way around! Do not hesitate to ask the more experienced club licensees or your coach for advice on what your style of play is.

Types of table tennis surfaces

The coatings can be grouped into 4 main families :


“Anti-top” coatings ,



Backside coatings

coverings are the most common coverings in table tennis smooth face pins turned inward the elasticity and grip of the rubber the thickness and elasticity of the foam 

For people who are just starting out, it is advisable to turn to softer coverings and with a low thickness of foam, to control the ball.

Anti-top coatings

very inelastic no grip immune to adverse effects lot of control do not allow to print effects 

Soft coatings

pins are here turned outwards suitable for a game turned towards the block and the counterattack 

Spike coatings

The studded coverings look like softs, they are also turned inwards. The difference between the 2 coatings lies in the control and the effects achieved.

control of the ball is more complicated with a picot 

the pins tend to reverse the adverse effects 

reserved for defenders 

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Types of wood in table tennis

To choose the right wood for table tennis, you must first look at the weight of the racket . Light rackets should be preferred over heavier rackets, but be careful though as they are fragile. When it comes to pleats, it is very complicated to determine which pleats are better than others. The plies are made from different types of wood and vary between brands.

the type of wood the type of handle 

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