Patient Monitoring Systems Enabling Efficient Self-Service Reporting Management


The Aftermath of COVID-19 Boosting Self-service Reporting Devices for both Patients and Providers

Telehealth and electronic health records software have given access to care when people were restricted to their homes. Remote patient monitoring devices may encourage providers to assess and help patients to monitor themselves. With this technology, you can store data in one place, but it will be accessible anywhere. Automated medical services may result in a streamlined health system, minimizing the room for human errors and cutting costs.

The impacts of Covid-19 were so severe that it denied patients some of the essential healthcare support. However, the pandemic has caused a monstrous acceleration in the use of patient monitoring systems.


How COVID-19 has Changed the Outlook of Digital Healthcare:

This pandemic has caused the patient monitoring equipment market to reach $10 billion, with an 80% growth of double-digit year-over-year.

Providers are adopting telehealth services to connect patients and doctors remotely to maintain social distancing.

76% of hospitals and other medical institutes in the US now use audio or video call to connect health professionals to patients.

Favorable private and public organizations are including telehealth services in almost every state. Besides, federal reimbursement coverage for remote patient monitoring signifies the uptake of self-monitoring systems.

An increasing number of mobile health applications such as Medici, ClotMD, and Doximity, post-COVID-19, are key growth factors of the US patient monitoring system.

Lab tests at home gained traction during the pandemic as they are convenient and reduce crowding at the hospitals, making it easier for both hospitals and individuals.

Data Reports Collected by Self-Reporting Tools

The accuracy of experimental clinic research depends on patient self-monitoring. While using any medication, it is crucial to report the time, dosage, and aftereffects. The same goes for psychological health, nutrition, health management applications, and many more.

patient monitoring systems for self-service reporting management

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