How to Get NBA 2K21 Dark Matter Cards

MyTEAM points in 2K21

Being selected for the upcoming Hall of fame Kevin Garnett 99 total score card is the first idol release of NBA 2k21 dark matter card. The 6-foot-11 power forward / center brought 97 rebounds, 95 interior points, 94 athletic ability, 93 defense and 82 offense.

In addition, myteam players will receive 19 gold medals and 41 Hall of fame badges. It includes almost anything imaginable, such as acrobats, ruthless terminators, difficult shots, jigs, and rim protection. Basically, this card is a first-class superhero kg added to the lineup.

Garnett joins other legendary NBA 2k21 dark matter cards as part of the release of the heroic age. These include legendary Michael Jordan and young idol Zian Williamson, both of whom have issued highly rated credit cards in the past few weeks.

In order to get the kg card, players can try to get it randomly through the idol package or box in the packaging market. In addition, go to the auction house, where big ticket cards may have a big price tag, but players with big money should be able to increase kg.

How do you get the nba2k21 dark matter card

In myteam mode, there is already a coach card, which gives the team a special improvement. However, the new NBA 2k21 dark matter card gives coaches some very good boost. The first card in the promo is for Phil Jackson and Greg Popovich.

To unlock Zen master Phil Jackson himself, players need to put the entire NBA 2k21 heroic era collection. There are 15 cards in this set, including Jordan, Shaq, Dirk Nowitzki, Scotty Pippen, George Gerwin, spud Weber and Magic Johnson.

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