Breast Augmentation- Will It Give You The Cleavage You Desire For?

Many women, who choose for breast augmentation, desire to achieve a good cleavage. Cleavage is the space between two breasts. For these women it is esthetically very important feature of a good breast augmentation.

Breast augmentation is not specifically designed to give you a good cleavage and not every woman will get a good cleavage after their breast augmentation. It depends upon several factors-

Natural Anatomy of Breasts-

In some women both breasts are close together. These women naturally have a good cleavage which accentuates very well after breast augmentation. While in other women breasts are widely spaced and breast bone is prominent. In these women cleavage is less prominent even after breast augmentation.

Women with more breast tissue naturally have more fullness on upper and inner parts of breasts and so get a well defined, deep cleavage after breast augmentation while women with small breasts with less tissue tend to get a less prominent cleavage.

Implant Size & Profile-

Many women think that larger the implant size, better the cleavage. It is true that large volume of implant will fill the breast tissue more and achieve more upper and inner side fullness. So cleavage will be deeper. Also another important factor is implant projection. For same volume, implant can have low, moderate, high or extra high profile. Extra high profile implant will have more projection and so more will be the cleavage. One has to choose appropriate size and projection of the implant to achieve desired result. A small woman with broader chest will require an implant with larger diameter but lesser projection. It is not advisable to place a very large implant to achieve cleavage because the result will look unnatural and also it is associated with more complications like implant visibility and breast ptosis.

Implant Pocket-

Implant is placed either under the breast tissue ( subglandular) or under the pectoralis muscle ( submuscular). Subglandular placement of implant will give more natural look and better defined cleavage but implant edges will be visible in very thin woman. Submuscular placement of implant will give much better upper border fullness but pectoralis muscles prevent implant placement on more medial aspect (towards midline). Also if implant placement more towards midline of chest naturally will give better definition to cleavage but this is not always possible. Because if implants are placed more towards midline, nipples will be not be in central position and also there is a chance of symmastia( both breasts touch each other). Both these conditions will produce very unacceptable results and compromise the naturality of breast augmentation.

So summary is, though cleavage is aesthetically very important feature of good breast augmentation, not every woman will automatically achieve good cleavage after breast augmentation. It depends upon several factors like appropriate technique, implant size, specific implant pocket and anatomy of breasts.

It is always advisable to have a good discussion with your board certified  cosmetic surgeon about your expectations and the best result which can be achieved.

Dr. Ashish Sangvikar

Breast implant surgeon in Mumbai

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