Things to Consider Before Going to Print

When the printing job is complete, there is no turning back. For instance, you may need to print 500 pieces of brochures. When you are done printing them and find out there are errors; there is no way you can modify them. Rather, you need to rectify or redesign the brochure and print it again.

Often it happens that we have many things to print at a time. There is a high chance of finding mistakes in design, paper selection, color, resolution, and many crucial aspects. Hence, it is essential to check everything then instruct to print design.

Things to consider before going to print

It is easier said than done that everyone should check the details before printing. But, what you should check is the actual question. Here I am discussing some of the crucial factors that you should consider before you print something.

Use of color profile

Using the right color profile is extremely important. Whether you are printing the magazine, brochure, or business cards, the right color profile will ensure high-quality printing. Usually, for printing magazines and brochures, CMYK's four-color process is used. So, choose the right color profile before designing.

Using Calibrated Monitor for design

The calibrated monitor will help you see how the actual project will look like after you print. Otherwise, the non-color-calibrated monitor will leave the designer clueless about the final product.


After you are done designing, always check for errors like spelling and grammar. It is better to check it with another person.


While you design, make sure the images or any nonvector items are at 300 dpi. If the resolution is less than that, the print will be fuzzy and of poor quality.

Using preflight

Besides cross-checking with another person, you should also use the program’s preflight. It will double-check the link, and supporting files, resolution, elements, etc., are in the right format.

Paper Selection

Before you print, always check the paper quality. Depending on what you are printing, choose the paper considering the finish, weight, and texture. For brochures, you may choose glossy paper, and for business cards, you can go for a semi-gloss or semi-matte finish. So, choose the paper wisely.

Convert fonts to outlines

Sometimes the printing shops do not have the fonts you used. Thus, it is better to convert the font into an outline. Then, you can print the same design.


Setting the bleed size is important. The standard bleed size is .125”. It might be less or more, so make sure you choose the right bleed size.

Export your file in the correct format

At this point, after following the above steps, your design is ready. Now, it is time to export it in the right format. You can export the file in PDF format with a bleed setting.

Providing a Proof

Before you take the delivery of the printed materials, it is always good to have proof first. Then, you can be certain about the line, color, images, etc.

Final Thought

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