7 Top Reasons Why You Must Use 100% Pure Carrier Almond Oil

100% pure carrier almond oil

Top 7 reasons why you just cannot do without Almond Oilfor hair and skin:

Treats dry skin:

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Organic in nature:

Controls dandruff: Indus Valley100% pure carrier almond oil

Reduces under-eye circles:

Stimulates blood flow:

No hair loss:Almond oil for hair

A powerful stretch marks remover:

Why you should say "Yes" to Bio-Organic Skincare Oil?

How to use almond oil on skin?

● If you wish to use 100% pure carrier almond oil as a moisturising oil, then first wash and towel dry your face and body.

● Then take 2-3 drops of the oil and massage it on your skin in circular motions and let it get absorbed. You don’t have to wash it off and you can repeat this process daily for best results.

How to use almond oil for hair?

● Mix the oil with some coconut oil according to your hair length.

● Apply directly by rubbing it on your scalp and on your hair lengthwise up to the ends and then wash it off.

● Massage the oil two to three times in a week before shampooing your hair.

Would you like to share your own special ways of using almond oil for hair and skin? Please leave your comments below and we will feature you in our next blog on the topic.

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