Proving the Lawful Source of Your EB-5 Investment Funding

EB-5 investment

legality of the investment's source of funds

Employment or Salary Earnings

Income from Investments:

Income from Property Sales

Sale of a Business -

Loans -

Miscellaneous Funding -

a. Inheritance

b. Lawsuit judgments

c. Donations or Gifts donated or gifted funds

Investment of Funds' Evidence Documentation

Added to the abovementioned paperwork to prove the legality of investors' source of capital funding, they must also establish that they have invested the funds to the EB-5 project of their preference. Said documentation to be used as evidence may include bank statements and wire transfer records to their chosen project.

Best Practices

Proving the lawful sources of EB-5 investment funds varies on each investor's unique circumstance. While some may find it easy and straightforward, others seem perplexed. Therefore, it is advised that investors seek legal counsel from an EB-5 immigration attorney to help them determine which funding source/s to use, along with the documentation required.

Further, the USCIS may require, as deemed fit, an English translation for foreign-language paperwork, so make sure to allow time for it. Finally, investors are encouraged to open a separate account for their EB-5 investment funds before investment; this simplifies tracing the legality of the capital funding used, which aids the USCIS in adjudicating an EB-5 investor’s I-526 petition.

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