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As a kid or a teen, your mind is probably overflowing with different ideas and visions for your life. Maybe you want to be an artist such as a famous painter or graffiti artist or cartoonist or graphic designer. If you are passionate about your idea, work toward your dream, practice your craft, take classes, find mentors, and read about successful people in your field. Persistence and the commitment to never give up, despite any challenges, will put you on the path to success!

Do you have the dream to be an artist, but don’t have the resources to help you with your art classes or supplies? Don’t be discouraged. If your parents are unable to help you at this point, you are not alone.

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What is KidVisionaries?

KidVisionaries is the first of its kind crowdfunding / fundraising platform that is exclusively created for kids and teens who want to raise funds for their ideas, vision, and dreams. This platform wants to support YOU to have funds for resources that will allow you to achieve any dream.

The journey of starting KidVisionariesis a fascinating story just like your own dream. The founder Kristi Stoll wrote a book for young minds in 2005 that was focused on the thought that everyone has a dream and passion.

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Who can use this site?

Young people, kids, and teens

Champions / Donors


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KidVisionaries incredible platform was launched in 2020 with an aim to help young minds so that they can make their innovations and dreams a reality. This platform has different categories like artist, innovation, music, inventions, and more. You can choose any relevant category to create your vision.
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