Mathematical Graph Plotting Calculator Online

Graph of math equation help in the intuition of the equation. Anyone that deals with calculation need a graph plotter for their equation. There are several graph plotting calculators online that work perfectly. Every graph calculator takes equations rather than expressions to plot it on an XY coordinates system. And Most of them can plot multiple equations on the same XY plane. Let's take a look at the top 3 online graph plotting calculators for your mathematical equation.

A. Electric Shocks Graph Plotter

Graph Plotter

1. User can trace each and every point of the graph by moving the cursor around the graph.

2. You can find the root of the graph by selecting the tool and graph.

3. Derivative of the graph can be found using the derivative tool.

4. Intersect tool can help in finding the intersecting point of two different graphs.

5. Local Minima and Maxima can be found using the tool to find the minima and maxima in the current view of the graph.

6. Zooming tool with partial highlighting, zoom in and zoom out tool can help to understand the graph in a better way.

B. GeoGebra Graphing Calculator


Other than the basic functions of plotting, the calculator has the ability to do more operations.

1. Users can calculate the roots of the graph by selecting the appropriate tool and it also highlights the root point on the graph.

2. There is an extremum point tool on the calculator that highlights the maxima and minima points of the graph.

3. You can specify point the XY plane and fit a line between the points by using the best fit option.

4. You can find the intersection of two graphs by intersecting tool of the calculator.

5. User can make input a dynamic by making it a slider.

6. There are multiple editing tools for a move, delete, erase, label, and freehand annotation.

C. Desmos Graphing Calculator


Final Thoughts

Sooner or later everyone needs a graph plotter. There are numerous graph plotters that can help in visualizing your equation. Graph plotters like ElectricShocks and GeoGebra are featured with advanced options and provide more tools. Where Desmos can serve the basic graph plotting purpose.

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