Feco Oil- A Natural Remedy for Many Diseases

Cannabis or Marijuana is commonly known for its properties for stimulating and boosting the feeling of being “High”. In many countries the use of cannabis and its products is ban and illegal whereas cannabis has more than 100 compounds which are very beneficial alone or in combination for the health. Use of cannabis is being done since long as a natural medicine to cure many diseases. In modern world, various components of cannabis are extracted and being provided in various forms to help people suffering from pain, epilepsy, sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, HIV, cancer and many other chronicle diseases and disorders.

Feco Oils:

The cannabis has different compounds like cannabinoid, Tetrahydrocannabinol, terpenes and other components which are extracted through different processes. One of the processes is Full Extract cannabis oil which is commonly known as FECO, in which the whole plant is extracted to find out the cannabinoid and terpene which represent the medicinal property of the cannabis plant. Similarly one more process is used which is called RSO. The only difference between two is the solvent used.

Benefit of Feco Oils:

Feco Oils

What Amount of Feco Should Be Used:

Every patient or user has his own metabolism and tolerance levels. Therefore no standard doses module can be applied. The patients who want to use the medicinal use of cannabis should start with little dose as half the size of a rice grain. The excess dose might cause sense of being “High” which is quite uncomfortable and unpleasant. Once the patient gets used to and his tolerance level increases, the doses can be increased as per the advice.

Where to Get Quality Feco Oils:

King harvest .org provides the quality Feco and CBD oils and other products. They are the best adviser about what formation should be used and how to start with Feco oils to get the best natural treatment for several ailments.

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