How to install nest outdoor cameras?

Nest camera setupinstall nest outdoor camera

Guidelines to install the Nest Outdoor Camera

nest outdoor camera

Nest camera setup

2. Then, find a location for your Nest cam outdoor installation.

3. After that, you have to connect it to your wifi network and take a test video from your camera.

4. Now, make a connection between your camera using the USB wire.

5. You have to connect your camera to the attic using the opening on the attic vent and pass the cable inside.

6. Then, you have to measure the distance between the camera and the connected device.

7. Now, disconnect the wire from the camera once done with the measuring process.

8. After that, Install the wall plate using a drill.

9. You have to plug the power cable into the base of your camera and then push the camera into the wall plate properly.

10. Now, adjust the view for your Nest camera and then reset it with the help of ‘Zoom and enhance feature’.

11. Put the cable inside and outside with the cable clips.

12. Then, remove the sticks and clean the dust and from your camera with a cloth and get started with your device.

13. With that, you are all set for Nest outdoor camera login once done with all these steps.


install nest outdoor cameraNest camera login

It is very easy to do the Nest Camera login with some simple steps. For that, you need to gather the basic information such as the username and password. Then, make sure you have made a proper connection between your devices. To know further details call us.
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