Why You Should Treat Acne?

Acne is not just a cosmetic concern. Most of you who suffer from acne know very well how mentally distressing it can be. We have many safe and effective options for acne treatment today.

Treatments such as chemical peels and microdermabrasion make the skin clearing process much faster. Diagnostic tests such as hormonal evaluation blood test and pelvic ultrasound to diagnose PCOS are very quick and confirmative.

The overall time required from your first consultation to complete clearance of acne can be any where between 2 months to 12 months. This depends on how severe your acne is and the treatment method that you choose.

acne scar treatment

Ambrosia Aesthetics, Mumbai

Dr Niketa Sonavane is a Celebrity Dermatologist and founder of Ambrosia Aesthetics, Mumbai. She is considered as one of the best dermatologist in Mumbai.
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