Google Account Recovery via Email, Phone Number, DOB, Security Question

Google Account Recovery via Email, Phone Number, DOB, Security Question

how to recover my Google account password

Google Account Recovery

The Internet user considers that the Google account is very effective for web applications. If the user cannot use the Google account due to some problem, he can create a big mess while working on the Internet. The reason could be anything, but the solution is to seek Google account recovery help. Google is known for easily recovering lost data. Recovering your Google account involves the following steps:

The first step is to visit the account recovery page of the Google account.

Then the user must choose the option if I don't know my password.

When the next page is requested, the user must enter the email address to be retrieved and the Continue button is clicked.

There are several options available as if the user does not know the phone number displayed on the screen, then the other option could be tried.

The option to use the alternate email is also why the verification code or password reset link is sent in that email.

There is also another option for security questions. If the user has no idea about the phone number and alternate email, then the security questions are answered to recover the account.

How to recover your Google account password

Manual verification of user identity can also be performed for Google account password recovery by following these steps:

The Google account recovery page is visited in the browser.

The email address is entered there and the Continue button is clicked.

Then I don't know the option is clicked for the password and there is another option available on the screen that says Verify your identity.

In this section, the user must answer all the answers that are to their best knowledge and are accurate for the successful recovery of the Google account.

If the problem persists or if the user has any other questions, the option is to recover the Google account through a phone call. In this, the user can simply dial the phone number of the customer support department and the representative at the other end will assist the user with the best possible help. All inquiries can be discussed over the phone and the solution for them is provided in the phone call. The phone number is provided on the official Google website.

Google account recovery by phone call

In this process, one can easily learn Google account recovery by phone call:

Google offers various account recovery options to its users who want to recover their accounts. Google account users can easily retrieve their accounts with the help of the phone number or email address they have registered with Google. Users provide this phone number and recovery email address when creating their Google account. If you would like information on recovering your Google account by phone call, please follow the steps below:

First of all, go to the Google account recovery page and enter the email address of your Google account in the corresponding box.

Click the next button and choose the forgotten password option shown on the next page.

You will now be asked to use any of your old passwords with the same Google account.

Enter the last password if you remember any of your last passwords; otherwise, click on the try another way option.

On the newly opened page, you will see the message to get a verification code and the last 2 digits of your linked phone number will be displayed so you can recognize your phone number.

Below send verification code, you will see the option to call or text message.

Select the call option and you will receive an automated call from Google reading a verification code for you. Make a note of that code correctly.

Now enter the code you have noted as it is in the given box and submit it.

The password reset page will open where you need to enter a new password for your Google account.

Enter the new password twice in the given boxes and click continue to save your new Google password.

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