Why Do Breakups Hurt?

One of the most gut-wrenching and devastating moments for a man is when a relationship comes to end. The reason breakups are difficult is because they challenge us, both emotionally and physically.

why do breakups hurt

So much can happen to you and your system during the process of a breakup. We have seen many people over the years struggling to cope with their relationship breaking down. It’s a tough process - but what exactly is happening to your body and mind?

Body Starts Transforming Emotional Pain Into Physical Pain

The term “mending a broken heart” isn’t only an expression. Many studies have shown that the body reacts in the same way as when a person experiences physical pain. Nausea, muscle aches, and migraines can all occur during the initial stages of a breakup.

You Enter Fight-Or-Flight Mode

When you ask the question 'why do breakups hurt, you should understand that your body is entering fight or flight mode. When an individual is in this state, his body releases hormones that will brace him to either stay still and deal with danger or flee to safety. It may even cause sweating or a rapid pulse.

Changes Your Brain Chemistry

According to studies, when someone goes through a separation, their syntheses of neurotransmitters, like dopamine and serotonin,(linked to satisfaction and happiness, ) decrease. We all go through these sudden chemistry shifts shortly after a breakup, almost as if we're going through detox, along with 'cravings' to be back with our exes.

Eventually, your brain will reach a state of intense wanting after a split, making it difficult to concentrate on something else. Indeed, a relative deficiency in the neurotransmitters linked to pleasurable emotions may cause symptoms similar to clinical depression. Since you're going through a traumatic breakup, it's critical that you keep track of your emotional health and seek psychological support if you need it or find it difficult to cope in day-to-day life.

Feels Like Losing An Investment

Romantic relationships can be extremely rewarding, but they can also be extremely demanding. When you've invested months or years developing a life with someone, splitting up with them will leave you feeling like you've invested all of your emotional energy and financial resources in keeping the relationship alive. Relationships necessitate significant emotional, affection, time, and financial commitments. When you lose a partner, you may feel as if all of your efforts in the relationship were in vain.

How you have the answer to the question: why do breakups hurt. Keep strong, this time will pass.

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