Charlie Pride - I’m So Afraid Of Losing You Again

This video is a live music concert of one of Charlie’s most loved songs. This song has people gushing over it till now.

Charlie Pride

In this video, one can see the audience's joyous reaction. The crowd seems to be loving the event and is extremely entertained. The song is backed by live artists and musicians. Hence, the music isn’t pre-recorded as the technicians can be seen playing trumpets, guitars, and harmoniums on the stage live.

The song was released in October 1969 and was written by Dallas Frazier and Mr. Owens. It belongs to the album - Just plain Charley. The genre embedded in this song is country and has a mild touch of folk and ethnic cultures. The song is based on the idea of deep love and how it should be perceived. When you're in a romance, you think it'll last indefinitely, but it only lasts long as both of you work hard for it. It breaks apart, however, if one of the parties stops functioning. A partnership is like a table that falls over when one of the legs is removed. There would be friends who will be by your side for a limited time, giving you a hard lesson, and others who will be there for the long haul. Since not everyone has one, the person who wishes to remain forever should be cherished.

This song tells that love is not solely about passion. It also entails making sacrifices. To be honest, we can't forget the person we once loved, particularly if they played a significant role in our lives. Forgetting that everyone is a part of the going on phase teaches us a valuable life lesson in some way. It is important that we cherish the people who stayed and be grateful for them. Not everyone is going to stay, not everyone is going to leave. And this song helps you in discerning between the two kinds.

Make sure you visit this beautiful rendition and leave with a deep thought. This song is one-of-a-kind and will make some grave grooves in your heart.

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