How to choose your Grocers with Yallabasket?

What is your experience with food labels – do you think they are clear?

Since I'm in the business, yes, but they can be misleading to the average layman. Most people are not able to distinguish between carbohydrates and sugars, for example. The first means the content of carbohydrates, i.e. simple, compound "sugars", but also fiber, whereas the designation sugars means only simple carbohydrates – these are the ones that we should limit in our diet. Another problem is that not all manufacturers label the same raw materials the same way – some mark them with an E code, but others verbally list them – which again means only a "kind" chemical name for most customers that they do not understand or cannot associate with a specific "E" code. And perhaps the biggest problem is the writing. Since the packaging must be marked with a large amount of data (for example, the type of packaging, its recycling, ...) that must fit on the packaging, this information is written in very fine print.

What is the best way to navigate the store?

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What do we do wrong in our eating habits?

Sometimes I don't follow a drinking regimen – I mean quantity. And the second biggest offense, though not so common, is non-compliance with the daily eating regimen. If I take a course all day and teach, mostly I only eat breakfast, then I just "eat" all day and after the course ends at about 6 pm I will have a whole hot meal, which is of course wrong, because the biggest portion of the day should be lunch. On the other hand, I have the advantage that I no longer have to have sweets (desserts, chocolate, candies...) since childhood, but on the contrary, I cannot imagine a day without fruits and vegetables, to imagine a day without fruits and vegetables, for which I can thank my mother, who at the time of my childhood did not know the principles of healthy eating as it is spoken about today, but followed it and led us to it.


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