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El Al airline reservations

El Al Israel airline reservation process.

Go to desktop web browser like yahoo, google, bing or other and type www.elal.com in search bar.

Then tap the book a flight section and select a round trip or round trip.

Select the city or destination.

Enter the reservation date from the calendar and mention the number of passengers.

Then tap the Find Flight button and it will automatically redirect you to another page.

Select low budget flight, class, duration of the trip.

Click 'Next' enter the passenger information in the text field.

Then select the payment option and make the total payment.

The airline baggage allowance:

The baggage allowance rules are quite lenient on this airline where you can take off with carry-on baggage, Matmid frequent flyer baggage, excess baggage or additional baggage at certain prices, carry-on baggage, liquids in hand, travel without baggage, carry pets following certain rules. There are also policies and assistance for lost or damaged luggage and surely a high security control before letting the flight enter. The franchise limit is 23 kg per person for economy class and 32 kg per person for premium or business class.

What is the El Al Israel Airlines reservation process?

First of all, open a laptop or desktop web browser like Google, Yahoo, Bing or other and type "Flights to Israel - Flights from USA to Israel in the search bar.

Then tap on the 'Book a flight' section and select 'Round trip'.

Select the city or place "Origin" and "Destination".

Enter the "Booking Date" from the calendar and mention the "Number of Passengers" count.

Then press the button "Search flights" and it will automatically redirect you to the other page.

Select the right flight based on budget, class, travel duration, or other factors.

Click 'Next' and enter the 'Passenger Information' in the text field.

Again, tap "Next", select the convenient payment option and pay the full fee.


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