240-Volt Drills – Highly Useful Tools for Your Arsenal

A 240-volt drill will be a great addition to your collection of power tools. With your own power drill, you can do various tasks with ease. There are many types of 240-volt drills on the market, and they’re good investments for anyone who's into DIY renovations, repairs, and construction projects. Below is a list of some of the most recommended power drills that you should consider owning:

Combi drill

240-volt drill

Drill driver

While it is not as robust as a combi drill, it can still do a decent job when drilling into wood and metal. This power tool is also the best alternative to screwdrivers. It can help you drive latches and drill through wood and other surfaces efficiently. For an occasional DIYer, a drill driver will be a great gift. Some of the best drill drivers have handy features such as LED light, allowing you to work even in low light or poorly lit conditions.

Hammer drill

This 240-volt drill is primarily designed to tackle the toughest jobs; drilling concrete, stone, and brick. You can also use it for metal and wood. When it comes to masonry work, this is definitely the drill to use. It is built with robust construction material.

SDS drill

This is similar to a hammer drill but is more powerful. Aside from drilling holes in wood, masonry, concrete, and other hard materials, it can also be used to chisel and break down the said materials. It is a powerful tool that can handle all sorts of jobs when you are renovating, doing repairs, or building something.

Can you run a 240-volt drill in an American home? You can as long as you are plugging it in a wall outlet that meets its voltage requirements. But to be sure, check the product description and ask the store if it's safe to be used in the US!

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