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Well, Roku allows its users to watch free and paid content videos on televisions over the internet. Movie streaming services like amazon, netflix / mytv code, Hulu, sling tv, youtube, voot, and others downloaded to Roku device, similar to any downloader app on a smartphone.

There is something called a Roku activation code that requires activating Roku streaming devices with this link to use it as a step-by-step installation and setup of Roku.

How to activate Roku using and the Roku activation code?

Guide to setting up and activating Roku using

Tap the home button, turn on the Roku TV and the Roku streaming device.

Connect it to the internet using wifi

Launching on the TV screen, users will receive an activation code from Roku.

You can find the activation link

Open the web browser on the computer and enter the URL for the Roku device activation.

Enter the activation code and log into your previously created Roku account.

Now your Roku device has been activated.

Roku activation process

1. Open your web browser.

2. Visit the URL: Roku to activate the Roku device.

3. Click Pair New Device and then click the Submit button.

4. Login to an existing account; otherwise create a new Roku


5. Complete the onscreen instructions to activate your Roku device.

6. After completing all the steps, your Roku is activated CREATE ACCOUNT

If you have to create your Roku account. That is how:

Visit the official site or simply> Select "Login".

Choose "Create Account"> Enter the required credentials.

Check the box accepting the Terms and Conditions> Press "Continue".

That is. Now, we have to move on to the activation process.

Advanced steps to activate Roku Com Link activation

There are some advanced steps that can help you solve the Com Link activation problem

Connect the device to the internet

Download the Roku software

Visit the official Roku site

Enter the code shown on the screen

Log into your existing Roku account

Buy channels through payment


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