Study cookery Course in Australia - Pathway to PR

Certificate IIIIVCommercial Cookery

1. It's a growth-industry job

$110 billion by 2023


Global career opportunities

If you are applying for PR in Australia, choosing a career within hospitality industry is a great choice!


studying Commercial Cookery

Being a chef gives you the prospect to be manage your own kitchen and set up your individual restaurant.

If you’ve focused on a specific cuisine you can set up the restaurant aiming on that cookery or you can offer a range of foods; it is up to you.

Occupation in demand

Benefit from working in hospitality industry that is increasing at fast rate and constantly updating. Thanks to an enhanced demand, a curving culture of foodies and people growth, the hospitality industry is anticipated to grow significantly. The industry challenges creativity, tricky work, and folks with a dream of where they want to go.

Exploring a pathway to permanent residency

Chef is listed on the skilled occupation list for Many regions like Victoria, NSW, Queensland, South Australia, ACT and NT. Thus, it offers an avenue you could discover to get PR in Australia. Chef occupation is listed on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List, whilst it is listed on the STSOL, Short Term Skilled Occupational Demand list.

What career professions are available after you graduate?

As you start a course, you will gain learning knowledge of what you enjoy and maybe your preferred area of specialization.

· Chef

· Catering manager

· Event manager

· Restaurant manager

· Hotel manager

· Public house manager

Step 1 – Choose your course.

Your local Education consultant can help you find the right course to fit your career conclusions.

Step 2 - Apply and receive your visa.

apply for student visa

Step 3 – Job ready program

migration in Australia

Step 4 - Apply for general skilled migration visa

Immigration consultant in Melbourne

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