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Which complication does a NAT introduce in SDP for a SIP call?

A.Additional headers due to NAT encapsulation can cause the packet size to exceed the MTU.

B.When the client is behind a NAT they may be unable to determine the appropriate offset due to time zones.

C.The IP address specified in the connection data field may be an unrouteable internal address.

D.The encryption keys advertised in the SDP are only valid for clients not behind a NAT.

Answer: D


Cisco media traversal technology has enabled a secure environment where internal video endpoints call and receive calls from external video endpoints.

How does the Expressway-C and Expressway-E communicate?

A.Expressway-C establishes an outgoing request to Expressway-E, enabling the Expressway-E in the DMZ to notify the internal Expressway-C of an incoming call from an external endpoint.

B.Internal endpoints are registered to Expressway-E in the DMZ. Expressway-C, which is also in the DMZ, will receive and make calls on behalf of Expressway-E because they are in the same network.

C.Expressway-E establishes an outgoing request to Expressway-C, enabling the Expressway-C in the DMZ to notify the internal Expressway-E of an incoming call from an external endpoint.

D.Internal endpoints are registered to Expressway-C in the DMZ. Expressway-E, which is also in the DMZ, will receive and make calls on behalf of Expressway-C because they are in the same network.

Answer: A


Which dial plan component is configured in Expressway-C to route a call to the Cisco UCM?

A.call routing

B.traversal subzone

C.call policy

D.search rule

Answer: A




Which attribute in the SDP for a call is affected by the static NAT address configuration in an Expressway-E?





Answer: B




An engineer is deploying an Expressway solution for the SIP domain Cisco.com.

Which SRV record should be configured in the public DNS to support inbound B2B calls?





Answer: C




A call is sent by Cisco UCM to Expressway with a URI of 75080001@expc1a.pod8.test.lab. If (7508...)@expc1a\.pod8\.test\.lab.* is the pattern string, what would be the replacement string of the transform in Expressway to re-write the call so that it becomes 75080001@conf.pod8.test.lab?





Answer: C


Refer to the exhibit. Calls to locally registered endpoints are failing. At present, there are two endpoints registered locally to this Expressway.

An H.323 endpoint with an alias of "EndpointA" is registered, and a SIP endpoint with an alias of "EndpointB@pod1.local" is also registered. How is this issue resolved?

A.The dialplan must be redesigned to use the transforms to convert the alias into SIP URI format and then use separate search rules for each format that needs to be dialed within the local zone.

B.The calls are failing because there are insufficient licenses. Additional licenses must be installed for the Expressway to route these calls.

C.The current search rule does not match the call, so the search rule must be modified to include a SIP Variant of "Standards-Based".

D.Calling parties are placing calls with the wrong domain. End-users must be instructed not to use the pod1.local domain as that is owned by the local system. Calls to any other domain would work.

Answer: A


Refer to the exhibit. An engineer is deploying mobile and remote access in an environment that already had functioning Business to Business calling. Mobile and remote access SIP registrations are failing.

To troubleshoot, SIP logs were collected. How is this issue resolved?

A.Change the SIP profile on the SIP trunk for the Expressway-E to Standard SIP Profile for TelePresence Endpoint

B.Change the "Incoming Port" in the SIP Trunk Security Profile for the Expressway-C to not match SIP line registrations

C.Enable autoregistration for the appropriate DN range on the Cisco UCM servers running the CallManager service

D.Write a custom normalization script since the "vcs-interop" normalization script does not allow registrations

Answer: B


Refer to the exhibit. Logins and failing via mobile and remote access. How is this resolved?

A.Mobile and remote access login has not been enabled for the domain configured in the Expressway-C. The domain must be edited to allow Cisco UCM registrations.

B.SIP is disabled on the Expressway-E. The SIP protocol must be enabled on the server.

C.No Cisco UCM servers are configured in the Expressway-C. Servers must be added for CallManager and IM and Presence services.

D.Although a traversal client zone exists, there is no Unified Communications traversal client zone. One must be created.

Answer: C


Refer to the exhibit. Mobile and remote access is being added to an existing B2B deployment and is failing.

When the administrator looks at the alarms on the Expressway-C, the snippets are shown. Which configuration action should the administrator take to fix this issue?

A.The listening port on the Expressway-C for SIP TCP must be changed to a value other than 5060

B.The listening port on the Expressway-C for SIP TLS must be changed to a value other than 5061

C.The listening port on the Cisco UCM for the Expressway-C SIP trunk must be changed to something other than 5060 or 5061

D.The listening port on the Cisco UCM for the Expressway-C SIP trunk is set to something other than 5060 or 5061. It must be set to 5060 for insecure and 5061 for secure SIP

Answer: A


Refer to the exhibit. The administrator attempted to log in, but Jabber clients cannot log in via mobile and remote access. How is this issue resolved?

A.Skype for Business mode must be disabled on the DNS server because it conflicts with Jabber login requirements.

B.The domain pod1.local must be deprovisioned from the Webex cloud for Jabber logins.

C.A DNS SRV record must be created for _collab-edge._tls.pod1.local that points to the Expressway-D.

D.The username jabberuser@pod1.local is invalid. The user should instead sign-in simply as jabberuser.

Answer: C


Refer to the exhibit showing logs from the Expressway-C, a copy of the Expressway-E certificate, and the UC traversal zone configuration for the Expressway-C.

An office administrator is deploying mobile and remote access and sees an issue with the UC traversal zone. The zone is showing "TLS negotiation failure". What is causing this issue?

A.The Expressway-E certificate includes the Expressway-C FQDN as a SAN entry

B.The Expressway-C is missing the FQDN of Cisco UCM in the Common Name of its certificate

C.In the UC Traversal Zone on the Expressway-C, the peer address is set to the IP of the Expressway- E, which is not a SAN entry in the Expressway-E certificate

D.The Expressway-E does not have the FQDN of Cisco UCM listed as a SAN in its certificate

Answer: D


An administrator has been tasked to bulk entitle 200 existing users and ensure all future users are automatically configured for the Webex Hybrid Calendar Service.

Which two options should be used to configure these users? (Choose two.)

A.Export a CSV list of users in the Cisco Webex Control Hub, set the Hybrid Calendar Service to TRUE for users to be enabled, then import the file back to Manage Users menu in the Cisco Webex Control Hub.

B.Set up an Auto-Assign template that enables Hybrid Calendar.

C.Select the Hybrid Services settings card in the Cisco Webex Control Hub and import a User Status report that contains only users to be enabled.

D.On the Users tab in the Cisco Webex Control Hub, check the box next to each user who should be enabled, then click the toggle for the Hybrid Calendar service to turn it on.

E.From Cisco Webex Control Hub, verify the domain that your Hybrid Calendar users will use, which automatically activates them for the service.

Answer: AE


What is a requirement when configuring the Cisco Webex Hybrid Message account for accessing the API of the Cisco UCM IM and Presence Service?

A.Add a new end-user with the "Standard AXL API Access" role

B.Use an application user with only the "Standard CTI Allow Control of All Devices" role

C.Use an application user not the main administrator account with the "Standard AXL API Access" role

D.Use the main administrator account if it includes the "Standard AXL API Access" role

Answer: C


The Cisco Webex Hybrid Message service is deployed geographically for separate Cisco Unified IM and Presence clusters.

What must be configured in the Cisco Webex Control Hub to achieve this deployment?


B.distributed DNS

C.verified domains

D.resource groups

Answer: D


What should an engineer use to create users for a Cisco Jabber Cloud Deployment?

A.Cisco Webex Administration Tool

B.Cisco UCM

C.Cisco Webex Directory Connector

D.Cisco Unified IM and Presence Server

Answer: A

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