The Day Music Died

Rock and roll evolved in the United States in the 1950s. In terms of style, it combined African-America jazz, gospel, and rhythm and blues styles, whereby it attracted huge audiences. Beyond that, it influenced fashion, lifestyles, and the beliefs of society.. However, in the late 1950's, it declined and other new music styles emerged. The causes of the death of rock and roll were mainly commercialization and different accusations of its rebellious nature. Firstly, rock and roll declined because most stars left the industry. Little Richard joined the ministry, Elvis Presley joined the army. At the same time, Buddy Holly, who was one of the main music icons, died. Also, some white people disliked rock and roll because of its African background which influenced the teenagers to fight segregation. Moreover, it was accused of its link with the violent civil right movements and this led to its legislation problems. Still, that fact played its role in big business, appropriating rock and roll youth movement for commercial reasons. Furthermore, new styles of music stole the popular components of rock and roll to attract people. Motown Records appealed to white teenagers and the traditional black marketplace creating new teen idols and turning society’s attention to surf. As result, surf attracted southern California tourists and local bands. Also, it became popular among outdoing girl groups. The appeal of soul was noticeable in Detroit, Southern states, and California and it became popular in American culture. Finally, commercial interests restricted the inspiration and success of the genre development. Radio stations played only those songs that were attractive and had high ratings so as to earn profit from them. That selective playing of the songs interfered with the process of music growth. Still, today’s music industry is more or less similar to that of earlier times. Commercials play the catchy music to make the profit. Similarly with rock and roll, this situation is destroying the culture of hip-hop. Due to that, unless something is done, hip-hop will be dead. In conclusion, rock and roll inspired many because of its style. Nevertheless, it declined due to many issues, specifically because of the death of the musicians, conversion of other genre representatives to Christianity, and violence accusations. Moreover, the commercial interest influenced the development of music by playing the popular songs thus affecting the industry greatly. You can find his other posts at bestwritingservice writing platform, just leave the link to page where you can read reviews of people on his works

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