Novel vs Movie? <The Shining>

To compare between novel version and movie version of <The Shining>... First thing that I want you guys to know... is that I am a Korean. Therefore, it is really hard for me to understand an American novel in 100%, because I don't know the whole culture of America. Even if I had understood the novel 'The shining' in 70% or 150%, I couldn't feel any suspense. I mean... seriously? This is the book that makes all the Americans to put that book in refrigerator? (... I just heard that fact from that TV show, 'Friends') Come on, Americans! You guys imagined monsters like Aliens, or Freddy! This is a ghost story, why this one makes you guys real scary? I'm not saying that the book was a waste of my time. Actually, it was pretty good - but not in the scary way. One emotion that I felt constantly from that book was not a horror, but sorrow. I felt really sorry for Jack. He had a heavy emotional burden of violence that he couldn't control. Not only that, he had to feed his own family, even though his economic ability was not so good enough. Probably, that is why 'ghost' had an advantage over Jack, which linked to the attempted murder of his own family. He had a great stress that needs to be eased, and sadly, the only existence that can ease his pain was the 'ghost'. I think this kind of emotional description is not only for fathers in America, but also every fathers on the Earth. That is why, I think this novel was great, but not scary. However, for that movie version... I have to admit, IT WAS SCARY. I guess Stanly Kubrick decided to cut off all the background information from the story, and focus on that communication between Jack and Ghost, by presenting the appearance of bartender. In movie, there was no description of Jack's past or his work. There was only description of Jack's desire, like drinking and sex. (which, as long as I know, not contained in the novel) As the desire of drinking and sex awakened the desire of violence, Jack tries to harm his family by holding ax! I think that is much scarier than book, because not only that makes sense, but also make us fear any male desire. It is like; 'Men are like babies. They want alcohol, they want sex, constantly. And when they fail to get what they want, they start to present their disappointment. However, unlike babies, men can harm any people.' That is why, I enjoyed watching 'The Shining' movie. However, that movie version had so a little of explain, that made me wonder. For example, WHAT WAS THAT GAY COUPLE WEARING A REINDEER HAT? WHY THERE ARE SO MUCH BLOOD IN THE ELEVATOR? (it was pretty cool scene, but still... ) I understood there was a party of cannibals in that hotel... but how that links to that blood in the elevator? I don't get it... Well, to simplify my opinion... Book version : Not scary, but specific emotional description was great... Movie version : Scary as hell, but lack of explain made me wonder. Both book and movie version were really great.. ..Not like that stupid TV SERIES VERSION! (...It was shockingly bad...that I don't want to say a word) Thanks for reading my article, and sorry for my low English skill. (I know there are a lot of grammatical errors in this article..)

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