Sun In 2nd House

Sun In 2nd  House For Aries Ascendant

That the 5th house represents creativity, Leo represents creativity, the Sun represents creativity and career, and it’s in the sign of Taurus, whose lord is Venus, which also represents creativity, this clearly indicates someone in the artistic field. As a result, an artistic career is unquestionably on the cards. When they are willing to make money off their artistic endeavors, they feel proud and confident.

Sun In 2nd  House For Taurus Ascendant

Assume the map has a Taurus Ascendant and the Sun dominates the 4th house with the Leo sign and resides in the 2nd house with the Gemini sign. It demonstrates how a native's ego and sense of pride develops when working in the family business with his father. As the 4th house is ruled by Mother and the Sun is ruled by Father, parents become a source of money. In family affairs, both mother and father have a fair say. Since Gemini is the symbol of industry, it obviously indicates someone who is interested with a family company.

Sun In 2nd  House For Gemini Ascendant 

Assume you have a Gemini Ascendant map with the Sun ruling the 3rd house in the sign of Leo and the Moon ruling the 2nd house in the sign of Cancer. It demonstrates that the individual was interested in creative arts, which allowed him to earn money. In addition, Father was the primary source of assistance in establishing his own company. Perhaps it was a family business started by the father and carried on by the natives. Communication gives an individual authority in the world and in his family. The atmosphere in the family is very sensitive and loving.

Sun In 2nd  House For Cancer Ascendant 

Assume that's a Cancer Ascendant map, and the Sun dominates the second house with the Leo sign and lies in it. It depicts someone who derives a great deal of pride and ego from his or her kin. They are very proud of their ancestors. People in the family, especially Father, worked for the government or in positions of authority. Simultaneously, as the Sun burns the house in which it resides, these people can waste their wealth by flaunting it to others in order to fuel their ego.

Sun In 2nd  House For Leo Ascendant 

Assume the ascendant is Leo, and the Sun is in Virgo's 2nd house. It demonstrates that the individual is very realistic and calculated with his money. His primary interest in life will be on family matters. Family members raise his self-esteem and ego. It demonstrates that the father is the family's leader. It also demonstrates that father faced many challenges in his life.

Sun In 2nd  House For Virgo Ascendant 

When the Sun becomes debilitated here, and if it is very close to its exact debilitation degree, it indicates that a person's or his father's false ego or power can ruin the family atmosphere and wealth. While the father is authoritative, his arrogance causes the family to suffer. Later in life, a person will realize his true path. At the same time, a career in any artistic field would benefit a person.

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