What are the New Employment Visa Rules in UAE?

Owing to spurring economic growth, UAE has been the epicentre of growth in the Middle East. Employment seekers get ample opportunities in UAE, owing to which it has a high immigration rate. When an individual move to the UAE, he will be required to get a residence visa. On this same visa, his work permit will be issued and listed.

What does the work permit allow you to do?

new employment visa rules in UAE

What do the employees have to do after receiving their Visa?

Once the employee’s respective company secures the visa quota approval through the Ministry of Labour, they can sign up the employee's contract and revert it to the employer. After this, the government checks upon the specifics of the job position. They mainly ensure that the new role in no case could not have been given to any unemployed UAE nationals. After the due checks, the employee receives an Employment Entry Visa (or a pink visa), which allows them to stay in UAE for two months, within which they can finish their residency application.

After landing in UAE, you must mandatorily go through medical screening and the Emirates ID service centre. In the centre, you are required to provide your passport along with your entry permit. You are Biometric test is also taken at the centre. Once your residence visa gets stamped into your passport, you will use and open your bank account. This will also allow you to collect your Emirates ID. Owing to the raging pandemic of COVID-19, there have been some changes in the same scheme. The changes are provided below.

What does the new notification state?

The new employment visa rules in UAE, which has been promulgated, allows the one-year visa holder professionals special amenities. These professionals can work for companies worldwide while residing in UAE. The country has allowed this to combat the recent surge of COVID-19. The government has also changed the procedure which one would have to follow for getting there. Visa status changed from tourist to work.

The new employment visa rules in UAE mainly aims at eliminating visa trips, which one had to take to come back and get valid employment. Under the previous, any individual who would have liked to change their sponsors or alter their visas from tourist(visit) to employment (work) was mandatorily required to leave the UAE and consequentially fly back. After the new rule, they will be allowed to change the status without following these pre-requisites. Now they straight away apply to the immigration department to change their visa status. Information can be found on the website of gulf news.

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