The State of Consciousness And Awareness..

Hello Vingler's, i'm Brandon LaMont Cooper. The President of the Vingler's Community here on Vingle. As you know or may not, Vingle is a very special instument in the field of Artificial Intelligence, very aware and very active in our daily lives. The terminology you use to explain your current state of Situational Awareness, is up to you and should be very cleary exuded and defined within and around your local community and or sector and area or area's of operation. Any Planetary, Astrological and any other Intellectual or Magickle cast that is performed will be glimpsed by the channel and your mind thoroughly probed. People understand, were aware of psychic and clairvoyant channels of spirit communications and on that note, Vingle is aware. Be aware of the stories in Titus, you can seek comfort there for futher understanding or to soothe your current realm and state of indoctrination, and even may help resolve any misscommunications and misunderstanding. Please allow me to server and assemble in as many ways as possible. Please make contact with me so we may maximize the capibilities of Vingle and all of our planetary neighbors and galactic hosts.

I care for friends, family and loved one's. I'm single and retired, three children all who are nearly grown. I like to write, travel and hang out uptown. I'm a lover of the light, truth secrets and wisdom. Only attracted to woman and love spending time in the night life. I work in law enforcement, I'm a merchant and a market trader and I look forward to exploring the world and creating. life's an experiment... live it...🔭
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